Agents of Edgewatch - Dossier 10 A Delve into the Cantina of DOOM!

November 30th, 2020

Welcome to the the Radiant Festival, held every 100 years, where people come from all over the world to visit the sites, magics, and other grand endeavors!  With any grand event with massive tourism, comes crime, and danger, and to combat this threat, and keep the festival goers safe a new city watch organization was created called the Edgewatch! 


Once the hostages have been rescued, and the kobolds have been detained, the guards of Edgewatch realize that these five hostages weren't the masons we were tasked to locate.  Once the situation calms down, the kobolds and the laborers indicate that the last person to see the masons was the owner of the the building, Hapa.  Hapa is currently in House of Planes, which is in the Coins district, which has a completely different set of rules when it comes to the laws.  Guards aren't allowed in there normally, so they must go in the secret entrance, in disguise. 


Please bear with us, as we had some sound issues, and we had to use the stream audio instead of the local feed, so you may notice some audio quality loss.  Thank you for listening!


Tina playing the half-elven witch Morgan Fiske, with her familiar dog (currently) Ordo

Trevor playing the gnome summoner Ryder (new playtest class), with his Dragon Eidolon Esper

Jeff playing the half-orc wild order druid Chakkrundin

Fabio playing the human warpriest cleric Savious Urlyph

Zach playing the halfling monk Copper Ingot

Steve playing the hobgoblin magus (new playtest class) Nielock


Will these bunch of misfits be able to gain each other's trust enough to keep the people of Absalom safe, or will the new Edgewatch brigade crumble under the weight of this city?!


Stay tuned for the next episode of Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gamed!

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