Sandpoint Shakers - Episode 34 Part 1 - The Slurk will ride!

July 24th, 2020

***Reuploaded due to some audio issues, and technical difficulties.  Please bear with us***


Now back with the heroes, as they team up with the frog goblins to hunt down, and ride a mighty slurk, as agreed apon, to make friends with the goblin tribe, and to get more inforamtion about the Temple the party seeks.  As they hunt down the slurks, Cursewind, and Kayco compete to track them down, and things are starting to return to normal, that is until something sinister. . .and enourmous comes.  Can the party defend their new friends, and survive the encounter?!


Stay tuned for the next episode of Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gamed!


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