The Uncrowned - Episode 13

December 30th, 2019


Tina got us all custom glasses from Chic Makings, and they look awesome.

Pictures of the Glasses 

Our party once again came up from the lower level to completely clear out the first level before descending down to the lower areas of the keep, they had found another way into the room with the loud music.  Once we discovered that they are a small hoard of goblins, with some other creatures, Benji made a rash decision to attack the goblins, and knowing how Benji feels about goblins, was little dissenting opinion within the group, had planned to attack the goblin party from stealth.  Once the battle begun, all hell broke loose, including a large ball of fire controlled by Benji, targeting as many goblins as he could.  Will this be the end of the adventure, or will The Uncrowned be victorious? Listen in this week to find out!

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