Wrath of the Righteous - To the Bar!. . . To the Infirmary!

September 27th, 2021

We introduced out new campaign idea of Wrath of the Righteous!  It is a Pathfinder adventure path from 1st edition which we will be converting into Pathfinder 2nd Edition.  Listen to us talk about what characters we are thinking of playing, as well as the work we already done to convert some of the player options.  Listen to us joke around, talk shop, laugh, and have fun as we get amped up for our new campaign.  

If your interested in what we converted so far from Wrath of the Righteous, check our website at www.nvngpodcast.com for any files we upload under the socials section.


The party, plus the NPC's Horgus, Aravashnial, and Anevia, and a few members of the nearly forgotten first crusade finally make it back to the First Crusade's stronghold, Nethelhome.  Where the wounded are being tended to, and a respite, albeit a short one, is gained, while the party speaks with the current leader of the First Crusade, Called Chief Sull.  While Chief Sull offers the first crusade's generosity, and safety, he also asks a favor, something the party wants very badly indeed.  He wants the party to take back the first crusade's forward stronghold back from the crazed howlers, which also holds the key for the arty to get back to the surface, and to rescue any remnants of the city left after the attack!


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Stay tuned to find out if they succeed!


With our Forever GM Jared leading the charge, Lets introduce our characters for this game, well, for as long as they survive!

Fabio will be playing the human Swashbuckler, Hennessy!

Zach will be playing the human Sorcerer, Artura!

Jeff will be playing the hobgoblin Wizard, Sortok!

Tina will be playing the dwarf Inquisitor, Nell!

Steve will be playing the elf Fighter, Conner!


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